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Monday, 1 February 2010

009. Waterhouse, Princess Street

Waterhouse, Princess Street, 2010. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

The most recent addition of the Wetherpoons houses in the city centre, which sits in the shadow of the Town Hall, designed by Albert Waterhouse.

Waterhouse, Princess Street, 2009. (c) BinaryApe at flickr.

It is a strangely laid out pub due to its previous function as a solicitor's office, in that sometimes it feels that there are more rooms than customers. However, to be fair to it, this is the best of the five Wetherspoons in Manchester and doesn't really feel like one of their standard type houses. The beer selection was also excellent with six different real ales on and the beer was the right temperature well kept for a Spoons. The young barman seemed to know his stuff. As with all Wetherspoons, it also opens early so you can have beer with your breakfast; useful when it's an early kick-off that day. The Waterhouse does decent trade, despite its location next to two of Manchester's better alehouses, the City Arms and The Vine, on Kennedy Street.

Waterhouse (& neighbours), 2008. (c) markydeedrop at skyscrapercity.

Waterhouse & City Arms, Kennedy Street. (c) asaph_art at flickr.

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