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Sunday, 28 February 2010

033. Salisbury, Wakefield Street

The Salisbury, Wakefield Street, 2009. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.
Set behind Grand Central on Oxford Road (virtually next to the Thirsty Scholar), this very old pub is a favourite with bikers and rockers and has been for many years. These photos from 1959, 1970s and 1994 are datable by the motors that site outside. The sign inside also confirms the historically significant area of town this is - Little Ireland - as well as explaining who the place is named after. The 1849 map shows that the Salisbury was originally named the Tulloghgorum Tavern (it also shows the grim-looking back-to-back houses crammed next to the River Medlock in Little Ireland of Great Marlborough Street - Wakefield Street, Anvil Street, Frank Street and William Street) [1].

Sign in the Salisbury. (c) Pubs of Manchester.

The Salisbury is generally a friendly enough boozer and you are always met with a reasonable welcome. As far as beer was concerned, there were four different real ales and the ones we had were excellent. Good little back street boozer in corner of the city centre which isn't generally rated that highly for its real ale pubs.

The Salisbury, Wakefield Street. (c) Panoramio.

1. Manchester (Oxford Street & Gaythorn) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2010).


  1. I know the Salisbury well, for a more accurate description of how it was ion the late 70s, have a look at my kindle e-book;

    1. keep in mind my experience is limited. had an afternoon in the pub next door went to Salisbury bought pint left my guitar went to the supermarket up the road bought sandwich went back to the pub was escorted out side where the landpersons and thug smashed there fist into the side of my head went back they denied all knowledge of event.If you know it well can u tell me who the thug was?