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Sunday, 28 February 2010

037. Tiger Lounge / Oscars / Linekers / Slice, Cooper Street

Tiger Lounge, Cooper Street. (c) Adam B. at flickr.

A cellar bar that has been here for years, (previously Oscars when it was owned by George Best in the '60s (seen here in 1995), Linekers, Slice, Tiger Bar) but how exactly is anybody's guess.

Oscars, Cooper Street. (c) Paul Bean with permission.

I've been in here many times, but rarely does there ever seem to be more than about 10 people in.

Tiger Lounge, Cooper Street. (c) citylife.

They do at least now have Guinness (used to be just lager) but there is no sign of any real ale. The place itself is just one large room, and the two grizzlies on the door can be there for no reason other than as part of a protection policy, because there surely is never enough people to trouble bouncers. It's not a great place, maybe just one that you have to if there is a do on or something.

Tiger Lounge gig ('Clever Socks'), 2008. (c) MDMArchive.

The impressive Masonic building in which the Tiger Lounge (and Slice, as pictured below) is housed is covered in the Waldorf Hotel entry.

Slice, Cooper Street. (c) Manchester History.

Manchester briefly had its own Linekers bar, named after the unlikely figure of the housewife's favourite footballer, Gary Lineker.

Linekers, Cooper Street. (c) Paul Dean with permission.

Linekars Sports Bar didn't last too long in the 1990s, despite those prices - £1 a bottle and £1.95 a treble!

Linekers, Cooper Street. (c) Paul Dean with permission.

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