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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Manchester Arms, Long Millgate

Manchester Arms, Long Millgate. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here and here to view full images [1].

Seen in 1899, in the 1900s, and here in 1904 (note the Jepson's Temperance Hotel next door for the more straight-laced customer), the Manchester Arms was converted from a house of residence to a public house at the end of the 19th century.  Here are a couple of rear views from 1904 and 1910 from the Corporation Street side.  The Manchester Arms was demolished in the mid-1970s to make way for the Picc-Vic cross-town underground scheme, which of course, never materialised.


The Picc-Vic Manchester Underground. (c) wikipedia.

Another sadly unrealised underground railway system for Manchester was detailed in the largely unknown 1967 'Manchester Rapid Transit' study which was hotly debated in Parliament.  This would have been a partly elevated, partly ground level, and partly underground network running from the Airport and Altrincham in the south, to Bury and Middleton in the north.  The proposed line to the south would have travelled for miles beneath Wythenshawe, and in the city centre beneath Oxford Street and Corporation Street.

Manchester Rapid Transit, 1967. (c) MarkO at skyscrapercity.



  1. I went in here a few times in the early 1970's.
    They used to have a topless disc jockey playing records and also a stripper gyrating along to the music.
    My memories seem to recall this all took place in a pokey, smokey little room that only had one entrance, the result being the poor stripper, having finished her routine, would end up getting groped something rotten as she tried to leave the room.
    The perpetrators would be the railway workers who worked at nearby Victoria Station.
    It was a great pub. Such a shame so many great Manchester pubs like this have been demolished.

  2. Yes I remember it well, a real old sort of pub, I was a railwayman & visited often, never got to grope the srippers though lol

  3. does anyone remember the landlords surnamename ? i worked with his son Ray, a plumber and i'm trying to find him.