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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Walcots / Rowntrees, Hanging Ditch

Walcots Cafe Bar, Hanging Ditch, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Walcots Cafe Bar in the Corn Exchange was previously known as Rowntrees, as shown here in 1965 and here close-up in the 1970s. The left hand side was the bar and restaurant, with a cafe snack bar to the right.

Rowntrees, Hanging Ditch. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image.

Next door  to Walcots and just apparent on the right was the infamous Top Cat Tavern, a real rough-arsed boozer.  The old Rowntrees / Walcots is now the still-popular Zinc Bar & Grill at 'The Triangle'.

Zinc Bar & Grill, Hanging Ditch. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

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  1. Top Cat Tavern = rough arsed boozer, couldn't have put it better myself, many a laugh in there, the landlord was a guy called John, real character!!!