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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Brahms & Liszt, Brown Street

Brahms, Brown Street. (c) New Manchester Review, 1979.

Brahms & Liszt (famous composers, but perhaps better known as rhyming slang...) was a popular bar back in the 1980s.  It is now Panama Hatties restaurant, having previously tried to make a go of it as Time, Chez Gerard and Renaissance.  As Brahms & Liszt it did sell cask Tetley's, but reportedly shut when the door wars came to Manchester. There appears to be a worldwide chain of Brahms & Liszts these days.

Panama Hatties, former Brahms & Liszt, Brown Street. (c) myvillage.


  1. It used to actually sell cask Tetley's. Had to close when the door wars came to central Manchester.

  2. What were the door wars? Many happy times in B&L in 90's!

  3. see here mate for door wars info -

  4. In front of the door of B&L me and the love of my life had our first kiss one rainy night of 1989...

  5. I come from Essex (though I now live in Sheffield). I am now 50 too.

    About 28 or 30 years ago I worked at Anchor House at the end of Brown Street in Manchester... I worked for a company called BSP. They were a publishing company. I did it for 4 or 5 months. I used to drive up to Manchester on a Monday, leaving home at 6am, parking at the Arndale when I goot in around lunchtime.... Then I would stay Mon, Tue, Wed & Thursday nights in Middleton before driving home Friday evening either down the M6 or over Snake Pass to Sheffield to get on the M1 there....

    Snake Pass is one of the prettiest roads in England - it was one of the reasons why we moved up here in 2004 when we had an opportunity to do so.

    Anyway, back to the Brahms & Liszt: Used to drink in there (or eat) at lunchtime. I really can't remember anything about it now except that the pub was in a basement and one had to descend from the street to get into the bar....

    Those were the days of my mis-spent youth ! lol.

    Best wishes everybody

    "Paul from Barking"

    1. I was very probably working there when you were a regular: I started as temp Xmas staff in about 87 and became a Manager in the New Year. The same company, ( Dorbiere) owned the Victoria on Hardman Street, Brannagans in the Royal Exchange, the Kings Arms in salford ( the head offices were next door) and The Nag's Head in Edale. I went on to work at the Vic as assistant manager there.

  6. Me and mates were all into our Rock clubs at the time ... Phoenix, UMIST, Banshee, Henry's etc .... but if I went out with my 'trendy' mates from work, I used to enjoy Brahms .... decent as those sort of clubs went .... and always a lady or two who liked a guy with long hair in there too .... :-)

  7. didn't they used to do top food with a creole / jazz type ambiance....
    I seem to remember a dish called a 'Captains Platter' which was just a lage oval plate full of meat - no spuds or veg - just Beef!!!
    Also, where I first came across Jumbalyia etc......

  8. I used to work there in 1983 as a bar maid whilst I was a student.I worked lunchtime and every Friday night. I remember the salad bar very well as I used to get a free meal. The only problem was getting home I used to live in Didsbury but used to get a lift off one of the managers. Don't even remember how I got the job! Been to Jamie Olivers today for a meal and noticed it was now Panama Hatties

  9. I spent many years going religously as I loved the music and had a lot of friends I made there. Gary the dejay had a good selection of Soul and popoular for the time , many happy memories of days gone by but never forgotten.

  10. Loved dancing round mi handbag at B+L in the 80's on a Saturday night ......then onto Chinatown for a boozy feast X

  11. I worked as a nurse for the nhs and I remember at b and l you could get in free if you were a fire man police man or ambulance staff ,don't remember a dj just constant good music all night happy days x

  12. I worked here for some time, one of the best jobs I've ever had tbh. Head chef was Kingsley Black who was a brilliant teacher and good friend. Was a shame when it shut but after a few bar staff were hurt with flying glasses and when it went off in there it was inevitable the boss was going to sell up. Good memories though with Jason Orange from Take that getting absolutely twisted in the basement club part.