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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Manchester Heritage Pub Crawl

Manchester Heritage Pub Crawl. (c) beerinprint.

The Manchester Heritage Pub Crawl posters and postcards feature in several pubs in town. The Waldorf has an even bigger one - a Manchester and Stockport version. The pub crawl contains most of the obvious favourites, a few notable exceptions (Rain, Ape & Apple - both brewery owned I guess - Crown & Kettle, Bulls Head, Temple), plus a few puzzling entries:

1. Marble Arch, Rochdale Road - Marble Beers Ltd. sponsor the postcard, surely now Manchester's most popular real ale pub?
2. Churchills, Chorlton Street - no real ale during our visit to this popular mixed pub in the gay village
3. Peveril of the Peak, Great Bridgewater Street - still can't find this open!...
4. Sinclairs, Cathedral Gates - still the cheapest decent pint in town (Samuel Smiths)?
5. Knott Bar, Deansgate - called Knott Fringe on the postcard, an ex-Marble pub, and rather good
6. Monroe's, London Road - we and others were refused entry "because it's Mother's Day"(!)
7. Waldorf, Gore Street - landlord has just taken over the at the ailing Town Hall Tavern
8. Smithfield, Swan Street - the quirky open kitchen area sadly no more but keeps a good range of ever-changing ales
9. Paddy's Goose, Bloom Street - another in the gay village, goes way back this one
10. Briton's Protection, Great Bridgewater Street - a true Manchester icon standing resolute as developments have shot up around it
11. Hare & Hounds, Shudehill - full of characters and a great pint of Joey Holts
12. Lass O' Gowrie, Charles Street - definitely one of the best boozers in town
13. Mulligans, Southgate - one of Manchester's better Irish bars and, it's claimed, the best pint of Guinness in town
14. City, Oldham Street - rough-arsed pub back in the day, we'll see if it's changed (edit: not really, but good ale on)
15. Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford - well over the river so beyond our boundary
16. Old Nags Head, Jacksons Row - a big old classic backstreet boozer
17. O'Shea's, Princess Street - rather studenty Irish pub, never quite lived up to Mulligans (but it is St Paddy's day today...)
18. Rembrandt, Sackville Street - in the village, so what about proper beer? We'll see...
19. Waterhouse, Princess Street - a Wetherspoons, but unlike most others so not bad at all
20. Old Grapes, Little Quay Street - no real ale on during a pal's recent visit
21. Thirsty Scholar, New Wakefield Street - surprisingly decent these days
22. Wellington, Cathedral Gates - called Shambles on the postcard, popular on match days
23. White Lion, Liverpool Road - sandwiched between Cask and the Oxnoble, looking forward to this end of town for a change
24. Fringe, Swan Street - superb little bar on the fringe (get it?) of the Northern Quarter, rightly popular
25. Castle, Oldham Street - recently reopened and a bit of an Oldham Road oasis
26. Burton Arms, Swan Street - not sure about this one, not been in for years
27. Circus Tavern, Portland Street - small (i.e. tiny) but a good pint and always full
28. Rising Sun, Lloyd Street - like the Nags opposite, an old style backstreet pub
29. Mr Thomas's Chop House, Cross Street - a popular foodie place these days
30. Mother Macs, Back Piccadilly - a hidden gem, unknown to many - yet always packed
31. Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane - taken over by Waldorf landlord (opening night, 17th March)
32. Bridge Street Tavern, Bridge Street - now the Bridge, was a well-rated foodie place, now re-opened following closure in 2006.
33. Grey Horse, Portland Street - huge compared to the Circus, but not really
34. Marble Beer House, Manchester Road, Chorlton - obviously way outside our boundary (and one of many great pubs in Chorlton)


  1. Some thoughts

    Churchills-used to have real ale
    Peveril-try to get in. It's worth it.
    Sinclairs-sadly no real ale now
    Smihfield-seating now in old kitchen area.
    City-still lively but had a makeover and now has real ale on.
    Rembrandt-used to have cask Lees on

  2. Thanks Tyson. The Pev's a great boozer, shame it's keeping limited hours these days. Pretty sure there was no ale on offer in Churchills when we popped in, and the other 4 are yet to do for us over the rest of the year so we'll report back as an when. Cheers

  3. Very interesting list of pubs. I visited Poland and the local bars in Krakow 2 months ago - it was a great time.