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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stairways / Hole In The Wall / Isobar / Spread Eagle, Dale Street

Stairways, Dale Street, 1991. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Stairways on Dale Street was also have been known as Hole In The Wall at some point.  This was a Berni Inns food-led place but its Tetley Ales and function room signs confirm it as a pub of sorts.  Back in the 19th century this was the Spread Eagle as shown on the 1849 map [1].  There doesn't seem to be much in terms of lower floor occupancy in this building at the cross roads of Dale Street, Church Street and Tib Street these days since its days as Isobar and Club North in the 1990s.  2013 UPDATE: now reopened as Black Dog Ballroom.

Former Stairways/ Hole In The Wall / Spread Eagle, Dale Street. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

1. Manchester (Piccadilly) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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  1. I remember this as the Hole In The Wall in the early 70s and a favoured watering place for staff from Guys and Dolls (of whom I was one) around the corner. There was a small bar and a dining area as far as I can remember the operator was Bernie inns.