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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Waves, Dantzic Place

Waves, Dantzic Place, 1976. (c) Arnie at Manchester District Music Archive [1].

Waves was a basement rocker's bar on the corner of Dantzic Place and Dantzic Street.  It is described as being "just a door on the corner of an old building and had a steep flight of stairs that descended to a large room with a small bar that resembled a damp, filthy vermin-infected dungeon (sounds like Fridays on Oldham Street).  "It was just somewhere to get a pint of Boddies when everywhere else had shut. The bouncers would only let you in if you were a hippy, a biker or an Angel.  It was a deplorable but great place [1]."

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous said...

    I remember Waves god it were damn funny.
    My boyfriend in the upstairs 'bar' would leave his empty glass on the bar which would be right underneath the ladies toilets or a leaky roof, either way we decided to throw away the now full glass. My mate Debs was a DJ there and Billy was a bouncer. I look back and don't know whether to laugh or cry at those non politically correct non elf and safetey days in the 70's, oh they were fun