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Monday, 15 March 2010

044. Retro Bar , Sackville Street

Retro Bar, Sackville Street. (c)

Retro Bar and club has also been around for years, currently in its present guise and previously as the Swinging Sporran. With a club area downstairs, which still regularly hosts live music and DJ nights, it's very popular with the local incumbent student crowd. Upstairs is a little strange in that it's quite a wide open sort of pub, with the feeling that all eyes are on you as you walk through the door. This soon disappears though and it's reasonably welcoming. There is a pool table in the corner as well, which is a nice touch. As for real ale, not a chance, which is a shame really, but I suppose it's just not that popular with your average student type, who prefers tasteless fizzy lager or alcopops to a real pint.

As the Swinging Sporran the pub is seen here in 1972 looking jaded, while a year later it has undergone a modest improvement as seen in 1973. The club beneath the Swinging Sporran held 'Naked Under Leather' nights in the '90s run by a couple of students called Tom and Ed or the Dust Brothers. These two chaps later went on to gain fame and riches as the Chemical Brothers.

Naked Under Leather flyer. (c)

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  1. I took the retro bar over in April 2011, we now have 2 real ales on tap. Hobgoblin and Deurchers. Stuart