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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Cross Keys, Major Street

Cross Keys, Major Street. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image [1].

The Cross Keys was an old Wilsons house was situated on the corner of Major Street and Chorlton Street on the edge of what is now the gay village.  Seen here in the 1970s, the aerial shot below shows that, depending on which side of the road it was on, the area is now either a modern office block on the northern side, or the bus station and NCP car park on the southern side of Chorlton Street (I suspect the latter, as the mill/warehouse looming over the pub in the '70s probably made way for the bus station).

Former location of Cross Keys, Major Street. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.


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  1. I think the last landlords where a Scottish couple called Johnson whom I worked with in the Channel Isles Guernsey ,I did a job for Temple Sommervilles builders in Manchester putting a RSJ in the building and suffered a scar to my arm ,which I still have today