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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Exile Of Erin, Goulden Street

Exile of Erin. (c) NLS.

This strangely-named pub, the Exile of Erin, was on Goulden Street in New Cross / Angel Meadow, off Oldham Road.  Shown in 1958 it was a Cornbrook house, named after an Irish ballad from several hundred years ago.  Not surprisingly, the Exile of Erin was a popular pub with the exiles of 'Irish Town' (as part of Ancoats, New Cross and Angel Meadow were known), and Irish gents would stride in with a flute and join in, jamming to the old rebel songs.

Goulden Street Police & Fire Station. (c) Looking at buildings.

The Exile of Erin would have been close by to the sadly lost Hat & Feathers, and the Red Bull on Mason Street.  Nowadays Goulden Street's Euro car park takes up part of the street, and although it's not obvious where the Exile of Erin once stood, it may well have been where the car park is.  Along with nearby Angel Meadow, New Cross has not been documented as well as the city centre and Ancoats, so there will be many more long-gone pubs in this area to cover.

Goulden Street, New Cross. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

Goulden Street was once home to one of Manchester's most important police & fire stations, in the days when Ancoats and the surrounding area was perhaps the most crowded and violent part of town.  Built around 1870, it had a bleak, windowless facade with a huge, still-standing chimney in the courtyard.  Mounted police and were stationed here and their horses were stabled within.  The main building has been demolished in recent years, and the complex looks like a derelict factory.

Inside Goulden Street Police & Fire Station, 2009. (c) camm33 at flickr.


  1. A family friend, Alice Kirwan née Cullen a Wexford woman ran the Exile as it was known. You are right, it is now a car park. It stood on the corner of Goulden St. and Chadderton St, a Bass Charrington house. As a kid in St Mike's Georgie Leigh St, I knew it cos my dad drank there around 1970. Bar, lounge, and a death trap of a cellar door inside the bar. Irish and locals, Felix Doran, famous Irish piper played there.

    1. Do you know if she was related to the Tevnan family who ran the Exile of Erin in Nicholas St, back at the turn of the 20th century? Mary Anne Tevnan (nee Cullen) ran that one for about 30 years between 1891 and her death in 1929.....

  2. Also the exile of erin was run by a jimmy rafferty in the 1960s he was a smithfield market man fish market if my memory serves me right he run the pub for while with his wife vera happy days

  3. The Exile of Erin stood opposite the blue door of picture 1

  4. My mother and father used to drink at the Exile in the early 1950s'. Their surname was .... Goulden! They told the story of when they got married they returned from the reception to Goulden Street in a Black Maria sent from the Police Station

  5. I lived in the old police station with my parents two brothers and two sisters for five or so years in 1963.I was friends with the son of the landlord who ran the Exile of Erin.The family were the Mcnieves who ran the pub.

  6. The police station on Goulden st was converted into living housing for hard up families.