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A history of Manchester's hundreds of lost pubs.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

045. Hog's Head, Deansgate

Hog's Head, Deansgate. (c) carling.

The last remaining city centre Hog's Head is well situated on Deansgate close to the Spinningfields development, the Fantasy Bar, Rylands Library and The Sawyers Arms.  As you would expect from a chain pub, it is rather soulless and not particularly imaginative when it comes to beer.  However to give it its due, it did have Timothy Taylors Landlord on and Lancaster Bomber bitter.  I had a pint of the former and it wasn't good if I'm honest.

The pub itself is one large open room with televisions on just about every available open space, which I suppose would make it quite good for the upcoming World Cup games.  There is no pool table or dart board, just a few random fruit machines and quiz machines.  The food looks plentiful and cheap, but appears to be the usual microwave fayre that you would expect in these type of places.  If you're a lager-drinking student or football-watcher, you'd probably quite like the Hog's Head; if you prefer real beer, it's not for you.

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