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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dublin Castle, Spittal (Sherrat) Street

Former location of the Dublin Castle, Sherrat (Spittal) Street, Ancoats. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

At the top end of Anita (formerly Sanitary) Street where it joins Sherratt (formerly Spittal) Street the Dublin Castle stood where now Victoria Square is.  The Dublin Castle would have been where the tunnel-like entrance is for Victoria Square residents parking.  It stood from the 1850s to 1890s and in the 1860s was described as having a "splendid vault and coal yard [1]".  Further down Spittal Street towards St Peters Church was the Spittal Street Brewery, also known as Ancoats Brewery.  It was on the corner of Loom Street and was used by the Mallinson & Bradshaw brewers in the 1840s.  In the 1835 advert that caught their eye, the brewery was described as having "very spacious cellars, capable of brewing thirty barrels a week. The copper and other fixtures, belonging to the landlord, are of the most approved description, and in excellent condition; and the rent is moderate. A variety of puncheons, barrels &c., to be taken at a valuation [1]."

1. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).

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