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Thursday, 21 January 2010

O'Connells Arms, Oldham Road

O'Connells Arms, Oldham Road. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

The O'Connells Arms stood at the bottom of Oldham Road between the still standing Cheshire Cheese and the still open Crown & Kettle, facing the Dog & Partridge on the corner of Henry Street. These photos from 1959, 1961 and the 1970s show it as a Chesters and then a Whitbread house. According to Mick Burke "the Navvies straight off the boat from Ireland would seek out Peter McCann, the gaffer from the Electricity Board, at the O'Connells and ask him for work. They could sup beer all day and still shift earth like mechanical diggers [1]." It shut in 1982.  This suggests that the O'Connells became the Express Club - anyone confirm?

Henry Street, Oldham Road. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

1. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).


  1. Hell that takes me back a bit,I worked at Blue Star garage about1951/2,drank in the O`Connell at dinner time,happy days,KEN.

  2. Cheers Ken, any further memories of the place? What was the ale like in the '50s? We still sup in the Shamrock, the defiant survivor of old Ancoats

  3. I have vivid memories of being raised in the Dan's as a child.I can remember one night when I was very young.I was using the urinal and a man came next to me and said 'hurry up or that man will chop your willy off'When I looked up I could see the Red Crusader looking down at me from the Express building.I went sceaming to my

  4. My grandfather was the land lord their in the sixties or seventies not exactly shure when.
    Anyone remember him or have any stories.
    He always made shure the beer was good quality. Lol

    1. Ha forgot to put his name. John o'connell

  5. The Dan was converted into a Club mainly used by Express lads - me included. It only opened in the evening until last man standing, mainly because it fitted in with the shift patterns on the Express. The owners used to have another club on the same street called the Stereo Club, which closed when The Dan opened - again mainly for Express lads. There was also the Crusader Club on Luna Street just round the corner.

  6. Molly and Martin Kelly had the Dans from approx 1967 til 1974/75. The bar was frequented by Irish and by the Press lads. The Press lads in those days worked 1/2 hour on 1/2 hour off and could always rely on getting a pint after hours by knocking on the vault window. There were many pubs in that area run by Irish landlords ie White Bear The Saint Vincent, The Exile of Erin, and many more.

  7. As a young kid I remember being brought up in the pub. Martin & Molly Kelly are my parents. It was hard work though, as I was often behind the bar or doing cellar work. The early days were the best (we moved to the Dan's from the Albert Hotel in Chorlton on Medlock which is opposite the M/c Museum) in 1966. That pub was also known as 'The Glue Pot' (another big Irish pub). Some great memories of both places, especially the live music. I remember 'Harry' and 'Knocker' two old barrow boys, who would always do a good turn for e free pint.....wonderful people.

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  9. Sorry, a mistake to my comments above... it was Harry 'Knocker' and ch ch Charley (stutter),,, two great characters, and the salt of the earth !!... wonderful people and wonderful times......

  10. I used to use the o Connell arms around 1969/70 when i came to Manchester to watch united the landladies son was Michael Kelly i was good friends with Peter Franklin great days