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Friday, 22 January 2010

Nelson, Oldham Road

Nelson, Oldham Road, Ancoats, 1970. (c) historyme [1].

The Nelson, in its various guises, stood on the corner of Oldham Road and Radium/German Street (see the Cross Keys).  It started out as the Nelson of the Nile in 1815, the Death of Nelson (1830/40s), then the Lord Nelson, the Nelson Vaults, and finally the Nelson until its closure in 1985 [2].  It was owned by McKenna's Brewery in the late 19th century and here's a 1959 photo of the Nelson Vaults as a Wilsons house.  In recent times the old pub has been scandalously hidden behind ugly blackened boards.

Nelson, Oldham Road. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

From The Old Pubs of Ancoats: "the "Death of Nelson" was a popular patriotic ballad and the singing of such a song [was blamed] as the cause of a murder in the Nelson in 1830.  A dresser called Marshall, who worked in a Jersey Street cotton mill, was singing to a full taproom when three customers took offence at the anti-Catholic sentiments.  Marshall was knocked down and a man called Trayner jumped on him and killed him [2]"

Nelson, Oldham Road. (c) Neil Richardson [2].

The Nelson was just about still standing but in a terrible state until recently, however 2011 has seen it pulled down, exposing the previously hidden tiling within.

Nelson, Oldham Road, 2011. (c) historyme [1].

2. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).

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