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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Seftons / Paddy's Rat & Carrot, Corporation Street

Seftons, Corporation Street, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The IRA bomb on 15th June 1996 injured more than 200 people and decimated parts central Manchester, including historic buildings such as the Corn Exchange and Royal Exchange.  The bomb also saw off Seftons, which was then trading as the badly-named but decent enough Paddy's Rat & Carrot, another of my underage drinking haunts.  It had an old parrot in a cage in there, and in the aftermath of the bomb there were concerned calls about its welfare [1]!

Seftons, Corporation Street, 1996. (c) Manchester online.

The Wilsons house Seftons, seen here in 1956 during redevelopment of the area, featured in the 1960 film Hell Is A City.  This is documented by Levy Boy, as demonstrated in the photo below (Higgits Passage is fictitious, it was Cromford Court before the Arndale).  The building of the Arndale Centre almost swallowed Seftons up but just managed to incorporate it (or a version thereof).  It became a Chef & Brewer pub with Wilsons, Websters and Chesters the ales of choice. It was also the first pub in Manchester to have a video jukebox, which was a real novelty at the time.  Seftons was a great bar to sit in the window and watch the world go by, and only a few yards from the Old Wellington and Sinclairs when they were situated in the Old Shambles.  It may also briefly have been known as the Isaac Newton before Paddy's.

Seftons, Corporation Street, 1960. (c) Levy Boy.



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  2. I remember the downstairs toilets and all those mirrors!

  3. Many a grate drink in that boozer, happy daze!!!

    The BlueDynamo

  4. I remember the huge plates of food they served upstairs, barman was called Graham when I used to drink there, the managers later moved to Rosie’s bar off Fountain Street..