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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Kensington, Port Street

Kensington, Port Street (from Newton Street). (c) Neil Richardson [1].

Previously known as the Old Windmill and Sir Sidney Smith (an admiral in the French Wars), the Kensington was closed in 1986 for rebuilding and doesn't appear to have lasted much longer.  The pub's Port Street side can be seen in the 1970s and 1989, while its Newton Street entrance is photographed in the '70s.  As shown below, the building was pulled, leaving the Corriebest building from the 1989 photo standing alone (Crown & Anchor, Hilton Street in the background).

Former location of Kensington, Port Street. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.

1. The Old Pubs of Ancoats, Neil Richardson (1987).


  1. I used to drink here in 1970s the bar area had a lot of Thin Lizzie memrobilia on the walls, i think Phil Lynots mother Phylis was a part owner at this time.You could see many well known Manchester faces in here. Rudi Mancini, Jimmy the Weed ect,very interesting times, glad i was there.

  2. worked at wm o'hanlons and this was our friday lunchtime pub. memories of christmas 73'

  3. My parents owned this pub "The Kensington" late 70s early 80s when I was a kid - Found all the Thin Lizzy memrobilia in the attic when we moved in. Knocked around with Mancini's grandson (?) Times were violent with good old bar brawls and bouncers (miller) QSG, Jimmy the W, Stalker scandal, Frank from the strip club next door and Foo Foos round the corner! The stories I could tell inc. having a "bodyguard" take me to school! Manchester at its worst/best!

    1. Sounds very familiar lol ... my auntie owned that pub back the anonymous could be one of two cousin had a bouncer taking her to school xxx