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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Cellar Vie, Lloyd Street

Cellar Vie, Lloyd Street, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Cellar Vie was a popular cellar bar situated on Lloyd Street, and although historically they were both there a lot longer, I only know of them from the late '80s onwards.  Originally thought of as a poncey wine bar, it evolved into quite a popular cellar and music bar.  Over the years it had a mixed clientele with everything from young clubbers to football lads in the '90s.

It was still popular as ever until recently as this YouTube clip shows, and this City Life article saluted the survivor Cellar Vie.  Apparently the place was still going strong as a night club until 2008 but is now closed and up for sale, with the Boutique club (formerly Tmesis / Audio) adjacent to it.

Cellar Vie, Lloyd Street, 2008. (c) markydeedrop at skyscrapercity.


  1. Used to be popular haunt of students in the 80s - had a bucking bronco in the back room

  2. rumour is it's reopening again!

  3. The bucking bronco was next door at a place called Devilles which was a a very indie place. Cellar Vie in its heyday 78 to 88 was kept there by great food in the daytime and a fantastic DJ Wayne Kennedy at the night time, for a small venue his following here and before at Cellar Vie II (Charlotte St.)was loyal and large. He knew how to get a crowd going and played some of the best music anywhere in Manchester. It's a tribute to his legacy of music and the great times people had there that the latter day Cellar Vie still tries, and I believe suceeds to emulate his music tatses. Good luck to them if they are still going strong.

  4. I drank sangria there regularly with a group of fellow pretentious art history students back in the late 70's. Wonderful memories.