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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Beer Trading Co., Mosley Street

Former Beer Trading Co., The Pure, Mosley Street. (c) carling/Local Data Company.

A bar set amongst the financial areas of Manchester and based upon the London Stock Exchange with banks of televisions displaying prices and movements for all of the different beers on sale.  Prices throughout the night would rise or fall depending on the number of bottles sold.  The more popular beers would of course get dearer as the night went on, the less popular cheaper.  At some point the cheap bottles became so cheap people would start buying and the expensive bottles would reach such a price that again, people would stop buying them.  It made for interesting nights.  There would also be various "Price Crashes" to mimic the Stock Exchange, when all prices would plunge.  This didn't happen very often when busy!  The Beer Trading Co. closed in the 1990s and appears to have been The Pure nightclub for a time, as both venues are listed as No.55 Mosley Street.

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