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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lower Turk's Head, Shudehill

Lower Turk's Head, Shudehill, 2008. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Lower Turk's Head has been threatening to reopen (or get turned into flats) for years; a licenced premises application was submitted in October 2008 but nothing has come of that yet.  Judging from the popularity of the nearby Hare & Hounds, this place would be a welcome addition to the fringe of the Northern Quarter, and another reason - if one were needed - to stay away from the Printworks.

Lower Turks Head, Shudehill. (c) NAH1952 at flickr.

In the 1800s the Lower Turk's Head was where stagecoaches to Ashton-Under-Lyne and Royton went from [1].  The ornate tiling has been carefully maintained; the MB above the door stands for Manchester Brewery Company, though in the 1970s it was a Wilsons house, and had outdoor seating in 1990.

Lower Turk's Head, Shudehill, 2008. (c) Bluemooner93 at flickr.

Reader 'Comfy Gill' remembers the Lower Turk's Head: "This pub has a special place in the Great Pub Crawl of life, the place of my first glass of beer.  I nearly said 'pint' but it was a gill at the cost of 2p.  This was 1956.  Wilsons was one of my favourites, but then lots of things tasted better in those days."

Lower Turk's Head, Shudehill. (c) Manchester Pub Surveys [2].

Meanwhile the rumours continute that the Lower Turk's Head may one day reopen.  Wouldn't this place have been the perfect location for the new Marble Brewery city centre pub (recently opened in the functionally and rather industrial 57 Thomas Street in the old Love Saves The Day café)?

Lower Turk's Head, Shudehill, 2008. (c) hola_miola at flickr.


  1. This Pub has a special place in The Great Pub Crawl of life, the place of my first glass of beer, I nearly said Pint but is was a gill at the cost of almost 2p, this was 1956. Wilsons was one of my favourites. but then lots of things tasted better in those days.

  2. Thanks for the memories comfy gill, a great little story! Shame to see the Lower Turks still shut, I'm sure it would be a success should it re-open especially as the "Northern Quarter" is so popular these days. There was also a Higher Turks Head on Shudehill going further back.

    I'll bet you can tell some tales of more of our lost pubs... Any thoughts welcome! Cheers.

  3. It's up for sale:

  4. Doubt they'll get many interested parties at that price. They should offer the pub premises separate to the flats

  5. history of these pubs are not very nice they should closed them all at one go

  6. It is currently being renovated and expanded into the next door book shop, a 3 party venture between current owner, who I believe is Rambo and two other local Pub owners.

    The Bluedynamo

    AT LAST... The Lower Turks Head at 36 Shudehill, Manchester is due to re-open early August 2013, with a great selection of real cask ales, premium beers and lagers, delicious food on our first floor restaurant, beer garden and also incorporating wine bar at 34 Shudehill ( next door ). Sure hit for the ladies ;) Will keep you posted on any more news.

  8. My aunt and uncle Emily and John Malone ran this pub for many years. I remember many a Sunday Morning running round the place. Late fifties early sixties.

  9. The Turks Head was our watering hole in the middle to late 70's whilst working on the Arndale. The landlord and landlady at that time were Norman and Alma Baily. Many happy hours spent there. Question, does anyone know the barman at that time, his name was Ken as I would like to catch up with him.Ken

  10. At the time Ken and his partner Terry lived, as I believe, in the flats in or around the old Salford market.

    Terry once upon a time worked for Habitat, St Anne's Square, Manchester.