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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Star Hotel, Deansgate

At the Star Hotel somewhere on Deansgate pictured here in 1908, The Grand Lodge of the Loyal Orange Institution of England was established, with a Colonel Taylor of Moston being elected as Grand Master in 1807 [1]. Was this around the time that the Irish communities of Ancoats/Angel Meadow (Irish Town) and Oxford Road (Little Ireland) Manchester were becoming established?

Earlier, at some point in the eighteenth century a gentleman's club was formed to discuss punch (booze) and politics, by a local character called John Shaw at his Punch House (later to become Sinclair's Oyster Bar) near the Old Shambles. Punch was served in china bowls and a shilling bowl was called a "P of punch", a sixpence bowl a "Q", whereby a member on his own would ask for a Q while two or more members would order a P. This could be this the origin of the phrase "mind your Ps and Qs" but then again it could be another pub link as in Pints and Quarts. I digress, the Punch House club moved around from pub to pub and many decades later in 1860 it came to the Star Hotel where it met for 7 years, before going onto the Mitre Hotel near the Cathedral [2].

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