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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gander's Go South, Barton Arcade

Gander's Go South, Barton Arcade, 1991. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Situated under Barton Arcade at the back of St Anns Square, Gander's Go South was one of Manchester's few Jazz pubs.  A Stones and Bass house, it was famed for its Thursday and Friday Happy Hour (which actually lasted for 2 hours) which went from 5.30 till 7.30.  These were the days when pubs had to close in the afternoon, and people would be queuing down the stairs waiting for the doors to open.

The Happy Hour consisted of a wheel on the wall, which was divided into different prices, between 30p and 75p.  There was also a goose next to the wheel with its beak resting on it.  The wheel would be spun, and whatever price the beak landed on, this would be the price of a pint or a single measure of spirits for the next 15 minutes.  There was also one "0" on the wheel.  This would result in one free pint for everybody in the room at that time.  The cheers could probably be heard in St Anns Square when this happened.  Once everybody was in a "refreshed mood" the music would start and many would then stay on for the whole night.

Gander's Go South was home to some popular figures in the Manchester jazz scene, such Don Long. The building remains in the under-appreciated Barton Arcade as part of the exclusive and members-only (hence not included) Circle Club.

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