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Monday, 18 January 2010

Pineapple, Water Street

Pineapple, Water Street. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image.

This Greenall Whitley house which stood on Water Street, near Granada Television Studios, seen here in the 1990s, was also snapped when receiving a lick of paint in '73.  The 1848 map shows that the pub was known as the Drover & Pine Apple Inn [1]. Water Street used to contain row upon row of warehouses, catering for the busy River Irwell and its ships.  One such warehouse was next to The Pineapple - New Botany Warehouse was used by Granada to store sets and costumes for the cult series Jewell In The Crown but was demolished in 1983 when a fire in adjoining shed left it unsafe [1,2].  The Pineapple's location was prime for TV slots and in 1983 it was featured in Pat Phoenix's last show as Coronation Street's Elsie Tanner.

Elsie Tanner leaves Corrie, 1983. "Pat would not say a word as she walked away from the Manchester pub [The Pineapple] where it was shot". (c) Back On The Street.

The pub also featured in a burning of the Rovers Return story line and after it closed and was bought by Granada, before they knocked it down and built the Granada Studio TV Tours car park in its place (the Tour itself is now closed).   These days the area where the pub once stood is just a car park.

1. New Bailey & Orsdall Lane 1848, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).
2. Manchester in the 70s, Chris Makepeace (2007).


  1. In doing my family history I have found that my ancestors owned/licensed 'The Three Sugar Loaves Tavern' on Water Street 1843 - 1883. As this street was full of warehouses would anybody know if the above 'Pineapple' was the ame site of the old 'Three Sugar Loaves Tavern' as the Pineapple above looks a new build? Having trouble finding out more about The Three Sugar Loaves Tavern, Water Street, Manchester.
    Many Thanks

  2. Mark the Three Sugar Loaves Tavern, Water Street is on the 1848 map, I will email you a scan / snap of its location.

  3. I was the last landlord of the Pinapple and infact use to live on Water street as a child,my family having a long history with it years before I was the tenant.It was always a very friendly pub with locals who came back for a pint from all over Manchester and Salford.I have original Mudd photographs of it together with carriages outside and the area around it in the 1890s, which are amazing;

  4. Great to hear from the landlord of the Pineapple! We'd be happy to add to the entry for your old pub with any further memories or photos. You can send photos to the above email address ( and we'll be delighted to host them here. cheers

  5. Hi, im researching Water Streets history at the moment so any old photos of the Pinapple would be really usefull!


  6. My family lived at 109 Water Street until early 1956 when we were re-housed so that our home could be demolished to build the new Granada studios. The site is again to be housing now that Granada has moved to Salford. There are photographs of Water Street by James Mudd taken in the 19th Century that you will find on the Manchester Libraries web site,

  7. Hi, I'm researching my family history and I have just learnt that my great grandad, Fred Terry live at 13 Water Street. Can anyone tell me if this was a pub please ?