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Friday, 15 January 2010

Stanneylands Vth Inn, Crown Square

Stanneylands Vth, Crown Square. (c) Manchester Local Image Collection. Click here to view full image.

Stanneylands Vth Inn on Crown Square near the courts is seen here in 1976.  It was one of a chain of pub-restaurants owned by Brian Snape, chairman of Salford Rugby Club in the 1970s.  Other Stanneylands were found at Old Trafford Cricket Club, in Wilmslow, Ellesmere Park in Salford and dotted around Cheshire (Stanneylands being a small leafy corner of the county).  Here's a photo of the inside of the place, and interestingly, reader, Ed, describes an entrance within the restaurant that allowed access from the Manchester Evening News building car park next door.  Newspaper workers coming off the Saturday night shift on The People could sneak in here for a few before all day opening.  Thanks to Steve Fagan, manager of Stanneylands Vth Inn from 1970-1974, for the above information.


  1. You may - or not - know that there was an entrance (sshh...) into here from the MEN car park next door.

    I used to do Saturday night, casual shifts on the People, and we could sneak in, on Saturday afternoons, before the pubs opened all day.


  2. i was the manager of the Vth inn 1970-1974. it was part of a chain of restaurants owned by Brian Snape, chairman of Salford Rugby Club. also the Stanneylands Hotel in Wilmslow and many more dotted around Cheshire and Salford ( Ellesmere ) and Old Traford Cricket Club Steve Fagan

  3. Thanks Ed and Steve, your useful info has been incorporated. Cheers

  4. i worked there in around 77,78 was a barmaid, i have a few pics too