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Friday, 22 January 2010

Yates's / Blob Shop / Brooks Bar / Market Trader, High Street

Yates's, High Street, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

One of the more popular Yates's in town, this was a tardis of a pub.  A tiny entrance at the front betrayed a large cavernous room at the back.  One of the first pubs to introduce a queuing system at the bar due to how busy it got, this really worked and was respected by punters and bar staff alike.  Also had one of the steepest stairways to a toilet in Manchester and many a drunken customer would come crashing down at various times in the evening.  The pub itself was famous for its Blobs or "All Ins" if you were posh, consisting of Yates Original Liqueur wine, sugar and hot water.  A drink that seemed to speed up drunkenness to a young drinker like myself at the time.

Situated next to Champers wine bar (now Ruby Lounge), it was popular with people wanting a drink before the loud music in the venue next door and this in a time when this end of town was still very busy with revellers.  After the Blob Shop it became Brooks Bar when it really went down hill, probably on account of its all day 99p pints, which tended to attract a certain calibre of punter. Then briefly the Market Trader, Dr Livvy's, a down-market bar and grill, and nowadays it is Melodies, a karoake bar (no thanks).

Brooks Bar and Dr Livvy's, High Street. (c) Beer in the Evening and Manchester Bars .

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  1. I recall that you had to queue in line with a metal barrier. Not sure if at times there was was sawdust on the floor. And you could only purchase half pints and not a full pint. Would indulge in Australian Docks All In.