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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Courtney's, North Parade

Courtney's, North Parade, 1995. (c) Alan Winfield with permission.

In the corner of Parsonage Gardens, actually on North Parade and surrounded by offices, Courtneys was a very popular pub straight from work and there were many a works do held here.  Entry via a set of steps in the garden took you into a type of cellar bar on various levels when you got down there.  This could lead to some disorientation later in the evening when refreshed due to the one way in, one way out, and when the place was packed as exits easily seemed to become obscured.

Courtney's, North Parade, Parsonage Gardens. (c) Pub Explorer.

Officially titled Courtney & Co Vintners for a time (see top), the bar was situated right in the centre of the pub with rooms and seating areas leading off at all angles.  A very popular pub in its day, Courtney's probably more than most suffered by the increase in popularity of Deansgate and surrounding areas which it backed onto, as the pubs and bars that opened there were very much after the same catchment crowd.

Courntneys, Parsonage Gardens. (c) carling.

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