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Monday, 18 January 2010

Haunch of Venison / Nickleby's, Dale Street

Nickleby's, Dale Street, 1991. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Originally the Haunch of Venison, seen in 1966 and the '70s little is known of Nickleby's which closed in the late mid-'90s, other than it being recognised as one of the only gay-friendly pubs in the area.  Set on Dale Street, between Little Lever Street and Newton Street, this was a run down area which had been taken over by textile warehouses by the time of its final demise.  The building still stands, in fact it has been renovated and appears to be a clothes importer.

Former Nickleby's / Haunch of Venison, Dale Street. (c) Google 2010. View Larger Map.


  1. It was still open on FA cup semi-final day in 1996 (admittedly the sign by that point read Kleby's) as I serenaded a bunch of celebrating scousers by playing the Beach Boys' Surfs Up on the house piano. They weren't celebrating come cup final day...

  2. Landord upto closing was Dave Morten, had the best duke box in GM, sadly a workman was killed when the property was being renovated into a clothing importers,The Landlord went on to run the Chesire cheese.

    1. In 1850 the landlord was Samuel Pearson, b 1800 in Pendleton. There was a fire at a warehouse nearby and the flames caught hold of the Wellington Pub and a cottage.

      A woman and her husband escaped but left their 2 children asleep, Samuel Pearson went into the building and rescued the 2 children. He was badly burnt on his face & neck.

    2. Just to confirm no one died when it was converted to a clothing importers

    3. That's what I was told by the ex Landlord.

  3. It re-opend in 2014 as a bar called "Allotment".