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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ponderosa Club / Express Club, Oldham Road

Another newspaper club like the mysterious Crusader Club, the Ponderosa apparently became the Express Club, named of course after the Express Building.  June at Man Mates remembers it being behind the Express Building, just off Oldham Road, run by the Mancini family, and confirms it became the Express Club [1].  'Tigger' remembers "narrow stairs leading to a narrowish club (front window used to overlook New Cross / Oldham Road).  From the top of the stairs, bar and seating areas to the right, dancefloor and stage to the left [2]."  Could the Ponderosa have been in this row of buildings, possibly the black door on the right?  This suggests the club might have previously been the O'Connells Arms - can anyone confirm this?

Possible location of Ponderosa Club / Express Club, Oldham Road. (c) googlemaps.


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  1. It was the same building as the O'Connells Arms. The Ponderosa was a casino/variety club and was popular with those finishing late at the Express. It became the Express nightclub which became notorious in the 80s for gangs dealing drugs. I've asked someone who went in there around 1990 and they said there were very few people in there with intimidating bouncers and no women just 17 year old pill-popping "mad-for-it" scallies. This might be of interest
    Steve (from Oldham)