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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Albion Refreshment Rooms, London Road Station

Albion Refreshment Rooms, London Road Station. (c) Alan Godfrey Maps [1].

The Albion Refreshment Rooms was the original station pub at the old London Road Station back in the mid-1800s.  It occupied almost half of the station's front building, i.e. it would have occupied the left-hand side as you walked up the approach to the station [1].  It's not known whether the Albion Refreshment Rooms survived the 1880s enlargement of London Road Station, but what is a certainty is that it would have been a better bet for a pint before your journey than the dreadful Balcony Bar and soon-to-close Sports Bar which embarrass Manchester Piccadilly station today.

1. Manchester (London Road) 1849, Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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