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Sunday, 16 January 2011

AG Club, Tib Street

Another old club discussed on the Man Mates forum by Angela and June, the AG Club on Tib Street was named after its owner, Arthur Griffiths [1].  Members all had their own keys to the AG Club in the 1970s when a fella called Stan ran it.  Its location has been confirmed as at the top end of Tib Street near Foundry Lane, on the right hand side going north.  Picture to follow.



  1. The Ag club was at the northern end of Tib Street near foundry lane. It was on the right jand side going north.

  2. Thanks for the info, will get some pictures of it - doesn't appear to be viewable on googlemaps.

  3. no , its a problem I was trying to do the same. I think it was near what is now a launderette. Do yu have the Press club on Danzig street on here soemwhere? I have seen the one on queen street and the express/crusader but not the one on Danzig st in the area opposite the printworks

  4. There was the Green Door Club on Shudehill and the New Green Door Club, also known as the New Castle and Falcon (both listed)... now the Victoria Gentleman's club and a new bar called Murphy's

  5. My nan and grandad used to run the AG Club in the early seventies - Sam and Bridie Murray.

  6. i own the former AG Club at 106a tib street !