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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Alaska Bar & Café, Whitworth Street West

Former location of Alaska Bar & Café, Whitworth Street West. (c) googlemaps.

Located in Arch 69 on Whitworth Street West at the Hacienda-end of the street, Alaska was a pre-club bar in the 1990s.  This 1999 advert for Planet K (now Mint Club on Oldham Street) is the only real evidence of the existence of Alaska:  "Fat City at Alaska.  Heavyweight, pre-club warm up. 9-11pm. Free."  It lasted a few years longer than the Hacienda, Venue et al, but may have closed in the early 2000s and it's now Belvoir estate agents.

Alaska, Whitworth Street West. (c) MDMA.

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