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Friday, 14 May 2010

Venue, Whitworth Street West

Venue, Whitworth Street, 2002. (c) MDMArchive.

This was a regular haunt in the '90s, as we were lads who weren't that arsed with the Hac and would rather get shit-faced on cheap vodka (quid for a double?) and listen (and dance... badly) to indie tunes. Thankfully, tastes have matured slightly on both fronts, though the Smiths and Mondays have aged like a fine claret so remain a staple. A basement club like so many back in the day, abiding memories of this place were the smoke machine and the distinctive smell which every so often you get reminded of when you end up in a certain type of nightclub these days.

Venue, Whitworth Street. (c) Venue facebook group.

The Venue was lost at the same time as the Hac - it was filled in as foundations for the new Hacienda flats - but it lives on in a new location over on Jackson's Row.

New Venue, Jackson's Row. (c) carling.


  1. I used to go here a lot with my pals in the early 90's for the cheap booze and alternative music. We must have been in our mid-teens. Bathrooms horrific, dance floor sticky, tricky stairs to negotiate after a night's drinking! Devastated to hear of it's demise - it makes me feel really old, I miss those times and I miss Manchester having lived in the U.S. for 18 years now.

  2. I worked there behind the bar well that was when I wasn,t dancing!! Ha Ha Paul was the man!!!Bless him!