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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

British Volunteer, Minshull Street

British Volunteer, Minshull Street, 1869. (c) gmrco.

The British Volunteer is shown on the left above, with the lamppost outside (No.3), looking down Minshull Street towards Portland Street. It was run by George Henshall at this time. Two other unknown beerhouses are in this photo: No.13 outside where the horse and cart is parked was John Layfield's beerhouse, and between there and the British Volunteer was James Travis's beerhouse [1].  The 1849 map shows it on the corner of Minshull Street and Silver Street, with a little Minshull Court to the side of it [2].

British Volunteer, Minshull Street. (c) gmrco.

Westminster House sits in this corner now and has been County Hall since 1974, but it was originally built as a hotel in the early '70s.

Former site of British Volunteer, Minshull Street, 2002. (c) gmrco.

2. Manchester (Piccadilly), Alan Godfrey Maps (2009).

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