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Friday, 14 May 2010

De Ville's, Lloyd Street

De Ville's original sign. (c) De Ville's facebook group.

De Ville's was a popular basement bar and club on Lloyd Street off Albert Square. Apparently the opening act at De Ville's in the late '70s was Quentin Crisp and in the early days it played Bowie, Roxy, Clash etc. In the early '90s it had become a bit of a mainstay of the Madchester scene, playing house, dance and all that. It was linked to its sister and neighbouring bar, Lazy Lils, which opened early and was free in, famous for its bucking broncho (these were all the rage in the '80s and '90s in pubs and clubs, despite the heavily addled riders often throwing up or sustaining injury). After last orders they hoyed punters out or into De Ville's and sometimes charged entry. It seems that the modern Boutique, the gentleman's club, may be housed in what was De Ville's and Lazy Lils.

De Ville's bar. (c) De Villes facebook group.


  1. Used to love De Villes ... A regular haunt in the late 80's / early 90s along with the Venue and the Hac. Great memories of this and the Square Albert basement bar. Would be great to see more pics.

  2. Lazy Lils and De Villes...great times. Threw up a few times after being on the mechanical horse!

  3. I recently found an old poster advertising a Manchester group who were on Factory Records, and played at De Villes on Feb 14th 19??. I don't know the year so if anybody could tell me it would be great. Some of the band have reformed and are currently working on new material. Chris

    1. Sorry forgot the most important bit. The group were called The Distractions.

  4. Hi All,

    Worked in Devilles from '84 to '86, jack the owner, Colin was the DJ in lazy Lils, he also ran the mechanical bull. Dave and Jim ran the door, Jim's girlfriend ran lazy lils bar (she had blonde hair). Colins brother James was a bartender/glass collector. Two of the barstaff were a male couple one called harvey who was the smaller of the two, had a moustache and always had a bowtie on, the other taller man I cant remember the name of.

    I worked as a DJ in devilles and typical tracks were the cult, the cure, the clash, Pil, Bauhuas, sisters of mercy, etc..

    Devilles was all black, lazy lils was set up as an american bar and had bench booths and a roulette wheel on the wall.


  5. Great place for indie music. There used to be a guy on the door who looked like Lionel Richie!