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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bar Risa / Jongleurs, Chorlton Street

Bar Risa at Jongleurs, Chorlton Street. (c) manchester2002.

Bar Risa on the site of the old and noteworthy Mash & Air bar was a bland, modern bar with the usual low sofas, loud crap music, and of course, lager, wine and cocktails only.  Jongleurs comedy club was upstairs.

Mash & Air, Chorlton Street. (c) quaffale.

The building has now been converted to office space (and maybe apartments) on the Chorlton Street side, to the right in the below photo.

40 Chorlton Street. (c) knightfrank.

1 comment:

  1. The home brewed stuff was fine.
    Food was good, if pricy and place was very keen to get you out and turn the table over.

    Whatever pretensions it had, music became far far too loud, acoustics were not good and it was full of the same hen nights as the rest of canal street