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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Millionaire Club / Wiggly Worm, Marble Street

Former Wiggly Worm, Marble Street. (c) .

Opened by the infamous Peter Stringfellow in about 1975, the Millionaire Club was a disco joint.  Also known as the Wiggly Worm in its time, the club was described as being a low-rise building around the back of Lewis's and off Fountain Street - most likely at the junction of Marble Street and Mosley Street West.  After a successful few years in Manchester, Stringfellow went off to London and then the States to make his fortune proper with his empire of lap-dancing clubs.  There were rumours that he was to return in the '90s and then to take over the ailing Ampersand club about 10 years ago, but businesses, residents and the council discouraged him.


  1. A blast from the past...

    I shit my frilly knickers when those Salford lads drove that car through the front

  2. "Several Salford lads are refused entry to Most Excellent at the Wiggly Worm. They return in a stolen car and ram the entrance. The action forces the closure of the club."

  3. I worked there as a cocktail waitress - it was not a strip club - only time someone stripped was New Year's Eve- and that was customers! Great disco, great times.

  4. I worked there with Annie Jones and Brett Paul, the place was heaving. No strippers though, just beautiful cocktail waitresses, I was moonlighting from the Playboy Club because the tips were ridiculous and at the Playboy you were forced to hand them all in at the end of your shift.

  5. I was the manager at the club at that time, it was a Thursday night,
    The night was called Most excellent 'and it was just that' the Ford fiesta they drove at the front doors ended up in the club....Narrowly missing me and the doormen, the owner of the car was a punter in the club! All because they were refused entry that night.

    1. I worked there when Dean was manager on the reception & remember that night, along with many other 'most excellent' nights, my friend Sarah worked in the cloakroom.
      It was always eventful, packed, & vibrant club music scene, Justin Robertson, Nipper deep down, Carl Cox amongst all DJ-d

  6. Just looked in my drinks bar and found the very last bottle of millionaire champaign from ghetto club that was given to my mother by Peter string fellow

  7. I went to this club in 1978 and witnessed a scene of some girls taking their top off. I was outraged as I thought it was a strip joint.

  8. I went to this club in 1978 and witnessed a scene of some girls taking their top off. I was outraged as I thought it was a strip joint.

  9. Who remembers David Coyne and Peter as the doorman in the 80's ?

  10. Ive recently found a wiggly worm sticker in my city programmes box!..must be about 20yrs old..its going on the back windscreen of my civic tomoz!😂