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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Banshee / Henry's, Oxford Street

Banshee, Oxford Street. (c) Banshee facebook group [1].

Yet another old, lost club of Oxford Street, previously known as Henry's. The Banshee was a typically grubby basement club beneath what is now the Circus building.

Banshee, Oxford Street. (c) The Banshee Facebook [1].

It survived through the '80s well into the mid-'90s (when I ended up here a few times when puddled) but was mainly a goth-rock club so had a limited clientèle.

Banshee, Oxford Street. (c) Banshee facebook group [1].

It did attract normal punters, as shown below (although, yes, that gent is wearing dungarees in the background). Monday nights played the likes of the The Doors, MC5, Stone Roses, Primal Scream etc.

Banshee, Oxford Street, 1990s. (c) Banshee facebook group [1].

The whole block of buildings containing the Banshee was pulled down in the '90s and replaced with the Circus which also houses a casino and hotel as well as the dreadful Varsity and not-bad Paramount.

Banshee, Oxford Street. (c) The Banshee Facebook [1].

The Banshee apparently lived on for a while at a new home in Piccadilly, possibly at what is now the Manchester & County Wetherspoons.

Demolition of the Banshee, Oxford Street. (c) Banshee facebook group [1].

Circus, Oxford Street. (c) pit-yacker at flickr.



  1. When the Banshee was in Piccadilly, it was beneath Halfords, which is now Boots/Somerfields.
    It then moved on to the Retro Bar and finally Jillys.

  2. Thanks Adam. Don't remember a Halfords being there - or was it "Halfords", a club?