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Sunday, 30 May 2010

089. Atlas, Deansgate

Atlas, Deansgate. (c) Laura VW at flickr.

Atlas sits at the bottom end of Deansgate, and like its neighbour over the road, Knott Bar, is built into the railway arches. Unfortunately it's only a stones throw from the rancid Deansgate Locks, which when viewed from Atlas, literally resembles a cattle market. While Knott Bar is a real ale drinkers' heaven, Atlas is an overpriced, ale-free, typical weekenders' bar, albeit with some pleasing eye candy as the odd group of scantily-dressed girls find their way here from the Locks. Surprisingly the music isn't too loud during the evening so conversation is possible unlike in most late bars in town. The freestyle sax player alongside the DJ above the bar works well and it's amusing to see staff clamber up a ladder in the centre of the bar to the stage to keep them in drink. The impressive terrace out the back doesn't seem to open in the evenings and by all accounts caution should be employed on match days when Duvel-quaffing reds can take over.

Atlas interior. (c) citylife.

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  1. Wasn't bad when it first opened and even had real ale on-Tetley I think.