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Thursday, 6 May 2010

074. Bay Horse, Thomas Street

Bay Horse, Thomas Street. (c) manchesterisace.

The Bay Horse is one of the oldest pubs in Manchester, but it's a far cry from its original roots as a drinkers' house as it was back its days as a Bass house in 1959 and a Wilsons house in the '70s. Now garishly decorated and clearly aiming for the "three bottles and you're drunk" crowd, it's neither pleasant or loathsome, in fact it's fairly nondescript and doesn't have a huge amount to recommend it if I'm honest. Loud music and bouncers during the evening, it has a smaller bar, seldom open, in the basement, along with more seating and a pool table which is always busy at the weekend. No real ale as you would expect from a place that sold its soul yet succeeds in attracting the out of town Northern Quarter revellers, yuppies and students. There was Guinness, but at £8.40 for two pints and a packet of crisps, you need to be a rich man to drink in here regularly. Done now, off the list, can't see us ever going back.

Bay Horse, Thomas Street. (c) manchesterad.

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  1. I can't see the attraction of this place at all. It's not a patch on what is was. It's overpriced and really has little to recommend it. Most people with any knowledge of the Manchester drinking scene avoid it as there are far better places nearby.