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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bier (Beer) Keller, Piccadilly

Beer Keller, Piccadilly. (c) deltrems at flickr.

Despite several attempts to drag me in this dingy basement bar/club over the years I resisted, although one can see the appeal that necking two-pint steins of lager whilst stood on tables would have had back in the day (I'd have passed at gurning to the German oom-pah music though). It dutifully kept going for years despite many more sophisticated venues opening as Manchester reinvented itself in the redevelopment of the '90s and '00s with the Northern Quarter, Castlefield, Gay Village and Printworks coming to the fore. Over the years it put on bands and towards the end it was a really popular music venue with up-and-coming bands such as The Cribs, Editors, The Holloways and Cherry Ghost performing. The Bier Keller (or Beer Keller as the sign read) only closed its doors for good a couple of years ago after more than 30 years in Manchester.

Bier Keller, Piccadilly. (c) carling/Local Data Company.


  1. It looked dated when it opened but you had to visit it just for a laugh. The beer was no more German than you are. Kinda surprised when it did close because it had been going that long, I thought it was fashion proof.

  2. I drove a truck for Gibbs,Mew & Co of Salisbury Wilts in 1980 and they imported German Hacker Bier and delivered it to The Bier Keller in Manchester. The strength of Hacker was mind blowing and many people could not walk straight after 1 litre (2 pints).