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Sunday, 18 September 2011

152. Sandbar, Grosvenor Street

Sandbar, Grosvenor Street. (c) Google 2011 - View Larger Map.

Sandbar on Grosvenor Street consists of two old Georgian houses knocked through to form a ramshackle bar that we missed out on last time we were down this end of town.  That was down to the odd policy of not opening until 3pm on Saturdays.  However, as the starting point of a Chorlton-on-Medlock to Rusholme crawl it was pleasant one with the Copper Dragon best bitter - one of three real ales - a decent pint at three quid.  Sandbar's dark frontage is matched inside with several separate seating areas plus a beer yard at the back and benches out the front.

Sandbar, Grosvenor Street. (c) citylife.

It seems to attract the more discerning students (those who know no better will head to the dreadful Footage) and it's well placed for gigs at the Academies.  The renamed Zoo / Pub is a couple of doors down, whilst on the other side it's a mixed bag with a gaming bar, Kyoto Lounge, the Deaf Institute and the Footage (the old Footage & Firkin, which we nipped into but swiftly exited due to the lack of proper beer).  Sandbar is comfortably the best of the Grosvenor Street pubs, even if it has lost its sign of late.


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  1. Another one I think I was in on opening night. Used to be a regular, in those days rare, outlet for Phoenix beers.