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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Talbot, Wilcock Close

This Moss Side boozer has been lost to the latest wave of regeneration of the blighted inner city estate.  The Talbot stood somewhere on the short Wilcock Close, not far from Princess Parkway and Moss Lane East, but the photo gives no clue as to whereabouts, such is the change around here.  In the early 1990s it still had its Chesters signage and offered Chesters Bitter and Mild on cask, although Alan Winfield who has a photo of the Talbot at Pubs Galore, described it as "a very intimidating pub to have a drink in [1]."



  1. Put in M16 7DA into google maps, there is an open space on Wilcock Close with a small 5-a-side footy pitch inside it. I reckon the pub was right where that footy pitch now is. Look at the gable end of the house on Sargent Drive, the tower blocks in the distance and the backs of the houses on Alexandra Road. Like you say though, this area has changed beyond all recognition in recent years.

  2. The Talbot I remember was run by my friends dad back in the late 70’s/early 80’s it was on Raby Street between Bland Street and Hapinden Street near Brooke’s Bar.

  3. Yes it was I went to school with his so sons.