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Friday, 16 September 2011

Church Inn / Blue Moon, Clayton Lane

Blue Moon, Clayton Lane, Clayton. (c) lucky stewart at

The Church Inn had one last attempt at making a go of it in this deprived part of inner city East Manchester that's had much of its heavy engineering industry and housing ripped from it.  When MCFC moved from South Manchester to East in 2003, the Church was renamed the Blue Moon and did reasonable match day trade, but it sounds like that was about it.  Like in the 1990s, the pub was keg-only, although going back further it was a rare Bass pub serving cask Mild by electric dispense [1].  The Blue Moon was pulled down at the end of 2007 [2], a few years too early before the Abu Dhabi investment transforms this part of town.

Former location of Church Inn, Clayton Lane, Clayton. (c) googlemaps.


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