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Monday, 5 September 2011

Beehive, Claremont Road

Beehive, Claremont Road, Moss Side. (c) NewtonBluesMCFC.

This classic two-roomed Hydes estate pub was one of the more popular around Maine Road, with fans spilling out onto the Claremont Road pavement when the weather suited.  The Beehive would open nice and early on match day, particularly on derby days when it would have the back door open from 8 or 9am for match days regulars.  It was said that match day takings would far outweigh a normal week or more's turnover.

Beehive, Claremont Road, Moss Side. (c) hydesbrewery.

We were in here on the last ever Maine Road night match - a youth cup tie against Middlesbrough - and the lounge was still busy with a good mix of elderly black gents and their 'doms', locals from the surrounding terraces and Alexandra Park estate, and football fans.  Of course, 2003 was way before the smoking ban was implemented; since then Hydes installed a decent beer 'garden' and the pub apparently did reasonable trade along with the only other surviving Maine Road pub, the neighbouring Claremont.

Beehive, Claremont Road, Moss Side. (c)

Sadly, the recession plus high prices and the lack of match day trade, plus the slowness of Moss Side's latest regeneration attempt, has killed off yet another Moss Side pub.  The Beehive closed its doors this summer and is now up for sale (£300k) [1].  Predictably, but unlike many claimed, the football club leaving this area has seen it go even further downhill from the rather intimidating place it was when MCFC lived here.  This part of Moss Side has now seen at least 15 pubs die in living memory... will the Claremont be next?

Beehive, Claremont Road, Moss Side. (c)

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