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Friday, 30 September 2011

Mile House, North Road

Mile House, North Road, Cheetham Hill. (c) BBC News.

The Mile House was one of Manchester's very oldest pubs, dating back to 1731 and was 271 years old when it was sadly demolished in 2003. Shown here in 1966 and 1971 this traditional Boddington's house was once used as a makeshift morgue but was better known for its more recent links to the Irish community thanks to the last landlord, Tommy Gaffney (above).  He served many Manchester mayors and their Dublin counterparts, as well as local celebrities such as Ricky Tomlinson, and famously thirsty Coronation Street stars, Phil Middlemiss and Bruce Jones.  The Mile House was compulsory-purchased by the ever-respectful Manchester City Council to be replaced by a warehouse and retail complex [1].  The boozer once stood on North Street, Cheetham Hill, which is a continuation of Red Bank, and in place of the Mile House is this ugly rear of a Shopping Centre unit and a pub-sized piece of scrub land.

Former location of Mile House, North Road, Cheetham Hill. (c) Google 2011 - View Larger Map.


  1. Have just discovered that my distant relatives lived in The Mile House in 1899.

  2. I went to the Milehouse in the 1970s with my then brother-in-law who was an owner-driver (truck). His wife said the pub interior resembled what she imagined a gents urinal was like: black paint five feet up the walls.
    The beers was as good as Boddingtons' got in the 1970s and the ultimate irony was that it was always full of Scottish & Newcastle draymen whose depot was up the road.