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Sunday, 25 September 2011

157. Ford Madox Brown, Oxford Road

Ford Madox Brown, Oxford Road. (c) Wetherspoons.

The newest of central Manchester's Wetherspoons, the Ford Madox Brown is named after the artist who lived locally in Victoria Park and whose paintings are still exhibited today in the Whitworth Art Gallery.  Like most Spoons (the Moon Under Water and Piccadilly aside), it is busy, basic and cheap, the beer is generally okay, and the clientèle is a mixed bag of youngsters and enthusiastic soaks enjoying the cheap beer.  A handful of casks ales were on offer although nothing of real interest to the connoisseur.  It was interesting chatting to an old chap who surprisingly said that this was his 'local'.  Despite there being better options nearby, the low Wetherspoons prices were the main attraction.  

Ford Madox Brown, Oxford Road. (c) Wetherspoons.

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