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Sunday, 11 September 2011

High Society, Princess Street

High Society, Princess Street. (c) G7UK.

High Society was a gay bar and club on the corner of Princess Street and Harter Street in the 1980s.  At No.48 Princess Street it was next door to where the Efes Turkish restaurant is today.

Former High Society, Princess Street. (c) googlemaps.



  1. High Society had a small Saturday Night Fever-style dancefloor that lit up. It was a cosy, welcoming place. Everyone had to have hotpot on a Sunday night due to the licensing laws.

    I seem to remember that the entrance was on Harter Street and the club was in the basement. I can't quite work out where the door would have been, but my memory could be playing tricks! Happy memories anyway...


  2. very very happy memorys indeed m8y, i wish i could turn back the clock n do it all again, along with the number one club.

  3. The entrance was into the basement. It had a line of seats around the edge of the dancefloor and Joanne was the first female DJ. There was a tabletop PacMan (Ms Packman?) machine as well.

  4. Had some amazing nights in High Society. Little neon sign out side the club, small doorway, staircase down to the reception desk. When you entered the club the main bar was to the left hand side with a seating area running along the back wall leading to the toilets with aptly named door plaques, Kings & Queens!!. To the right hand side you had the main club area with it's multi coloured lit up dance floor and disco lights on the ceiling and steps leading up to the DJ booth. Small bar at the back, right hand side of the DJ both. Cabaret artist dressing room, left hand side of the DJ booth. Cabaret on a Thursday night was always good, with local and international Drag Artist & Live Acts. Weekend was always packed out. They had a brilliant DJ called Mark who kept the dance floor filled all night with 80's chart and HNRG music. What a great atmosphere it was, like Studio 54 in Manchester!!. I can still smell the waft of Kouros & Armani now mixed with amyl nitrate!!. Celebs & Soap stars would make occasional appearance too!! Everyone was always welcomed at High Society and you always had a good night. It was a unique and cosy club - Good Times!! :-)

  5. I only went to HS once but I've never forgotten it. I lived in Llandudno N. Wales and we had a very small gay bar. The manager organised a coach trip for a night out in Manchester so we did Naps, the Union, Thompson Arms and New York, New York. Then onto HS and finally Heros. Needless to say only about half of us got the coach back. Ha ha.