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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Falcon, Cross Lane

Falcon, Cross Lane, Salford, 1974. (c) NAH1952 at flickr.

The Falcon another Cross Lane Wilsons house on the corner of Hodge Lane and Lord Duncan Street, a site today marked by the northern tip of the Regent Road roundabout.  Listed in 1861 as a beerhouse, the Falcon was owned by the London & North Western Railway above which it sat (the pub of the same name was across the road a few doors up).  When the railway cutting at Cross Lane station was widened, the company had to knock down the bar at kitchen and when they rebuilt it, they assimilated the Globe Inn which stood next door. The Globe became the Falcon's new vault [1].

Falcon, Cross Lane, Salford, 1961. (c) Neil Richardson [1].

The Henry Cardwell & Company brewery of Hulme leased the Falcon in the 1890s then Wilsons took over in 1899, in 1918 advertising "Wilsons noted ales and stout in fine condition.  Cigars and cigarettes of all the choicest brands."  Wilsons bought up half a dozen houses either side of the pub and remodelled it with the standard Wilsons cream tiling.  Like most of lower Cross Lane's pubs, the Falcon was closed in the summer of 1979 [1].

1. Salford Pubs - Part Three: Including Cross Lane, Broad Street, Hanky Park, the Height, Brindleheath, Charlestown and Weaste, Neil Richardson (2003).

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