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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Grey Mare, Varley Street

The Grey Mare was a Burtonwood house on Varley Street, off Oldham Road in Miles Platting, north west of Eastlands.  It was an ugly box-shaped estate pub which had been here since the 1960s, as shown here as a Tetley's house in 1963.  There is a close-up of the Grey Mare at Manmates.  The modern Grey Mare closed in 2000 but it may have replaced an older pub that stood here of the same name.  No doubt knocked down for the purpose of regeneration, predictably, nothing has been done with this site.  There is a photo of the Grey Mare by Alan Winfield at Pubs Galore.

Former location of Grey Mare, Varley Street, Miles Platting. (c) Google 2011 - View Larger Map.

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